​A mural begins by collecting inspiration…a photo of the area, an idea, a color scheme. Through our discussions and concept sketches, we can develop a design that will inspire you and others. In some instances, we can even restore, enhance or update an existing mural. 

With this project, the client wanted something that would enhance their area and highlight their new piano. In the end, a tribute to the great artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec seemed appropriate since his love for life reflected the personalities of the client and their desire for their guests to do the same.


​Our client wanted something to remind them of their many European trips. In harmony with their contemporary industrial design, we transformed their hallway and bathroom with new lighting, decorative finishes, and embossed wall covering.

HALLWAY - wall finish & embossing, hand painted & gilded artwork, lighting, woodwork

BATHROOM - wall finish, embossed ceiling, hand painted & gilded artwork, lighting


"Bring the outside in" was the direction we were given when meeting with the client. To help their guests to relax, we created this light and airy garden bedroom. The only requirement was to keep the oak woodwork.


After painting a mural on the wall and ceiling, we layered an oversized headboard repurposed from the ceiling of a local Italian restaurant. We then created the cascading wisteria which lends itself to the tranquil atmosphere, completing the look with "grassy" throw pillows and an earthy green toile.